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This slinky Bahamian Family Island, resembling a slender seahorse gliding majestically through brilliant gin clear water, is one of those special oases that seemingly has yet to be discovered, making it one of the most pure adventure experiences still available to travelers. A beach lover’s delight, the island, whose name means “Freedom” in Greek, seems to be three parts water, two parts sand and one part friendly. With two hundred miles of beaches surrounding its 100 by 2 mile frame, it is one of the premiere vacation destinations to visit if you crave miles of beach all to yourself.

The water on the west coast, or Bight side of the island, is a radiant turquoise so bright that it glows like a sapphire on fire. The east, or ocean side, is deep, navy blue, and mysterious with conditions ranging from tranquil lapping ripples to moderate surfing waves.

Located 60 miles east of Nassau, this trio of islands, Eleuthera, Harbour Island and Spanish Wells, are home to more than 11,000 full-time inhabitants. The rolling pink sand beaches, glorious, ocean and laid-back vibe are but a few of the many reasons that Eleuthera will not remain undiscovered for much longer. As The New York Times once said, Eleuthera is for beach bums!

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