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The Beach Book, Eleuthera, Bahamas edition is the definitive guidebook to ALL of Eleuthera's 135 beaches.


  • This print version is full book size of 6" x 9" and uses high quality 80lb. glossy paper. It is significantly superior than a standard paperback and built to stand up to frequent trips to the beach.
  • Discover all the Eleuthera beaches
  • Easy-to-read maps showing the best and safest way to get to your favorite beaches
  • Detailed north/south directions, travel times, distances, and GPS coordinates
  • Real and accurate observations about the beaches and the best roads to get there
  • The important details everybody needs to know about each beach


Books listed as New (Used) are brand new unused copies of the book that had some cover damage during shipment. The front or back cover may have dings, scratches, slight tears or other visible defect from rough handling during shipment.

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