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I’m Bret Sigillo, your beach hunter, author, and CEO of The Beach Book, the company that creates and publishes my travel guides. In essence, I’m a one-man wrecking crew. I travel to the destinations, visit, catalog and photograph each beach, compile, filter and consolidate all the information, and then write and self-publish the books. Prior to founding The Beach Book in 2014, I was an Internet security specialist. I also founded, which at the time was a pioneer in online bookings for private vacation rentals. Think AirBnB, but about twelve years before anybody heard of that company.

Now, I live in coastal North Carolina with my wife and two dogs, a Bahamian potcake and a sheltie. I’m driven each day to bring new and exciting beaches to my audience while also running, my vacation rental advertising company. I traded in my cottage in Eleuthera for a vacation rental property in Curacao, Villa 19, Coral Estate, which I rent to vacationers when I’m not there myself. As you can see, travel is my passion and I try to share each of my experiences with as many people as possible. I thank you my loyal readers for sticking with me on this ride as I try to find and chronicle every beach in the Caribbean!

My Story

It all started with a beach, an unsatisfied vacationer (me), and an island that was full of hidden treasures (beaches) but no easy way to find them. I had bought a small cottage on Eleuthera and was spending each vacation driving down lonely jungle road after lonely jungle road in search of new and interesting beaches. I thought, REALLY? If I’m spending all my vacation time in search of new beaches to visit, I wonder what people are doing who don’t have as much time to explore as I do? I thought, vacation time is precious, what if we were to help beach lovers like me find all those hidden spots and get to them safely without getting lost? And The Beach Book was born!

We are passionate about helping visitors maximize their vacation time and especially their beach time. In addition to creating and publishing our specialized travel guides, we also manage, the only pure flat-fee vacation advertising site for vacation rentals in Eleuthera, Harbour Island and Spanish Wells in the Bahamas. Our series of books now cover Eleuthera, Curacao, Tortola, and Barbados. Our mission is to continue to grow our portfolio of travel services and create guides for those special places that can only be revealed by someone who has been there, done that and told all.

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