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Barbados is incredibly diverse. The easternmost island in the Caribbean, Barbados merges its distinct British heritage with its Caribbean and West African roots creating one of the most unique cultural experiences in all the Caribbean. You can still enjoy English traditions like afternoon tea, cricket and horse races while immersing yourself in the history and richness of its sugar cane fields, rum distilleries and lush mountainsides.

Visitors will find delicate powdery white beaches as well as brown windswept expanses of sand and dune, traditional golf courses, fine dining, and premiere shopping. However, part of the uniqueness of Barbados comes from simple pleasures like enjoying local hand-forged rum, dancing to a raging calypso beat or taking in a refined polo or cricket match. This special island boasts breathtaking architecture, a lively sports culture, and joyous evening celebrations. Its elevated vista views, natural attractions and playful monkeys provide visitors with one of the most memorable vacation experiences on planet Earth.

And though you could spend all your time sightseeing and engaging in watersports activities, you'll find plenty of relaxing sun and sand on its 115 breathtaking beaches. While Barbados' western coastline boasts numerous unspoiled beaches and lazy, tranquil bays with sparkling crystal-clear water, some of the country's most interesting beaches and premiere surf and windsurf spots are found on its southern and eastern shores where you’ll also find the most privacy.

Barbados is a coral island which blossomed from the sea millions of years ago. Its constant trade winds moderate the temperature providing one of the most favorable Caribbean climates. Barbados was formed by the merging of two bodies of land that created geological structures that you will find nowhere else. Come to Barbados and enjoy its beautiful beaches, world-class cuisine, and warm, friendly Bajans.

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